Fabrication for a broad range of industries

Our experience with refractory metals over several decades has enabled us to build expertise and develop our infrastructure and facilities to serve a large number of industries. They include those in corrosive chemicals, filaments, glass manufacturing, Ion implantation-semiconductor, medical, vacuum furnace and coatings to name some major ones. There are many more. Explore our gallery of examples including our award winning component parts.

Comprehensive Wire EDM fabrication capabilities

Rembar continuously invests in the latest EDM technology and equipment to increase productivity and respond to customer needs for fabrication at closer tolerances. Contact us for a detailed quote on your application.

  • This award winning, multi-piece, pure Tantalum fabricated construction, is used to creat solid shapes from molten material.
  • The Use of Tantalum for this part reduces the amount of environmental contamination due to its extended life in corrosive chemical applications.
  • Detachable funnel.
  • Filaments for the vacuum metalizing industry, E-beam and ion implantation along with custom fabrications to the customers specifications. These parts are made from Tungsten, Molybdenum, Rhenium, & Tantalum.
  • Electron Gun Filament (a specialized E-Beam Filament for irradiation) Irradiation is a commonly used process for many tasks and methods.
  • Our experience with Wire EDM allows us to achieve challenging projects.
  • 12'' dia. x .020 thk. Rhenium Heat Filament (2 pc. Set)
  • A range of glass making components.
  • These are used in the glass industry to make a homogeneous mix of molten glass.
  • Parts are fabricated from Molybdenum and then coated in Platinum.
  • Additional views.
  • Additional Views.
  • Stirrer prior to shipment - for size reference.
  • The ion implantation industry focuses mainly on the high energy bombardment of elements on exposed portions of a silicon wafer creating electrically conductive regions.
  • These are used in the semiconductor industry. These parts are made from Molybdenum, Tungsten, Tantalum, and Niobium
  • Molybdenum racks are commonly used in the vacuum furnace industry.
  • Besides rigidity, these racks offer cleanliness, strength and high temperature capability.
  • Racks can also be made with Tungsten and Tantalum, as well as Molybdenum.
  • Evaporation crucibles used in the vacuum coating industry are made from molybdenum, tungsten, tantalum and niobium.
  • These crucibles are made to customer specifications in our custom manufacturing facilities.