Hole popper EDM

Custom Fabrication Facilities

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R&D Prototyping and Manufacturing

Rembar can assist in your ideas for better machining and manufacturing. We can help you design and manufacture prototypes, tooling, test jigs and fixtures. Our 3D design capabilities allows us to provide you with many file formats of your work. We can scan and digitize your drawings to almost any format (any size up to 48 inches). Ask about getting your ideas into 3D computer models to produce manufacturing drawings, realistic concept photos, flash video and more that can be use for your brochures, web sites, and presentations. Please Contact us

CNC Turning and CNC 4 Axis Milling

Our own state of the art CNC Turning capabilities allow up to 10" diameter machining with accuracies to .0001". High speed CNC Vertical Machining Centers in three and four axis configurations as well as software capabilities to simulate 5 axis systems, allow Rembar to produce parts beyond equipments normal range of capabilities.

RAM and 5 Axis wire EDM

Rembar's wire EDM has given us the ability to produce burr-free slots much thinner than could be achieved with slotting saws or mills. Much closer tolerances are also attainable. In addition, CNC wire EDM offers the ability to manufacture parts to configurations not otherwise machinable and in materials that cannot be conventionally machined.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Using 3D CAD models we fabricate with precision and use the same model in our CMM to check measurements with great accuracy.  With our Alloy Analyzer, we offer complete traceability of material assurance on product quality.


Facilities List

1 - Charmilles RoboFil 300 CNC Wire EDM - 5 Axis
2 - Charmilles RoboFil 240cc CNC Wire EDM - Auto Thread
2 - Fanuc Robodrill T14i with the latest Fanuc Series
     16i-MA control unit
3 - Matsuura MC510V CNC 4+ Axis Milling Center with
     Yasnak MX3 Control
1 - Matsuura ES-450H II Horizontal Milling
     an "all-encompassing" machining center.
1 - Belmont SY-2535T CNC EDM Drill
1 - Nakamura-Tome/Slant 1 turning Center
1 - Nakamura-Tome/TMC 15 turning Center
1 - Reid Precision Grinder model 618-P
1 - Rutland Drill & Miller model RF-30
1 - Mall Bench Grinder model G42-G
1 - Kalamazoo Cutoff Saw model K1
1 - Vertical Bandsaw
1 - W.F. Wells Horizontal Bandsaw
1 - Peck Stow & Wilcox 46" Rollers model 381O
1 - FAMCO Electric Shear 36" model 606X
1 - DiAcro 36" Shear
1 - Clausing Lathe model 6903
2 - Prybil 27" Spinning Lathes (water cooled spindle)
1 - Spin Dryer
1 - Bead/Sand Blaster
2 - Kramer Tumblers
1 - Roto-Finish Spiratron Vibratory Finisher, Gemini 400
1 - NITON XL-II 800 Alloy Analyzer
2 - AutoCAD - CAD software - 3-D Designer,
     Mechanical Desktop Solid Modeler and Inventor Series
1 - SDRC Freeform Design - 4 Axis free form machining,
     turning & 5 Axis wire EDM & Surface Modeler
1 - OGP SmartScope Flash Measuring Machine.
     (High Precision - Automatic Video Measuring System).
1 - Oce CS4032 Color Scanner System